Pacific Rockfish

The Pacific rockfish is the most important year-round source of groundfish on the West Coast, from Alaska to San Diego. It is a very diverse group, with more than 70 unique species of Pacific rockfish in the Sebastes genus. Pacific rockfish can be broken up into three ecological groups based on habitat: shelf demersal, shelf pelagic, and slope rockfish. Rockfish fillets have a mild, sweet flavor, and the medium texture fits nicely between firm fish such as swordfish and tender fish such as sole. Pacific rockfish is an affordable and versatile option for chefs and retail establishments across the country.

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Common Name

  There are about 70 species in the Sebastes genus.

Market Name


Scientific Name

  Sebastes spp.


Value Added Products

Fillets (skinless)

    • Sizes: 4- to 6-oz. / 6- to 8-oz. / 8-oz. Up
    • Pack Types: Vacuum-Packed / Layer-Packed / Bulk IQF
    • Pack Sizes: 10-lb. / 25-lb. / Custom-Packed

H & G - Whole

    • Sizes: 1- to 2-lb. / 2- to 4-lb. / 4- to 6-lb.
    • Pack Types: Bulk IQF
    • Pack Sizes: 25-lb. / 50-lb. / Custom-Packed

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 3.5 oz.
Calories: 94
Fat Calories: 14.2
Total Fat: 1.57 g
Cholesterol: 35 mg
Protein: 18.75 g
Iron: 0.41 mg
Sodium: 60 mg

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