Sockeye Salmon

Wild sockeye salmon, and salmon in general, are most well known for their amazing life cycle. They live their lives (up to four years) in the cold waters of Alaska and the North Pacific and then return to the exact place (river) of their birth to spawn and reproduce. When the young salmon hatch, they migrate thousands of miles to the ocean, where they survive on shrimp, krill, and other small fish, only to start a new life cycle. Commercially caught sockeye weigh from 2 to 10 pounds and are typically gill-net or purse-seine harvested. Sockeye salmon is prized by food aficionados worldwide for its rich flavor, firm texture, high oil content, and bright red color.

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Common Name

  Sockeye Salmon

Market Name

  Salmon, sockeye, red, or blueback

Scientific Name

  Oncorhynchus nerka


Value Added Products

Portions (skin-on or skinless)

    • Sizes: 2- to 4-oz / 4-oz. / 6-oz. / 8-oz. / 10-oz. / market cuts
    • Pack Types: Vacuum-Packed / Layer-Packed / Bulk IQF
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Fillets (skin-on or skinless)

    • Sizes: 1-lb. / 1- to 3-lb. / market cuts
    • Pack Types: Vacuum-Packed / Bulk IQF
    • Pack Sizes: 10-lb. / 25-lb. / Custom-Packed

H & G - Whole Sockeye Salmon

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Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 3.5 oz. (raw)
Calories: 168
Fat Calories: 77.2
Total Fat: 8.56 g
Cholesterol: 62 mg
Protein: 21.3 g
Iron: 0.47 mg
Sodium: 47 mg

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