Wahoo is typically long-line or trawl harvested and tends to migrate along the warm currents of the tropics and subtropics worldwide. It is fast-growing but relatively short-lived (four to six years). Since the species is highly migratory and mostly solitary. It is just beginning to be studied in depth, although by all indications the population is stable and can handle high fishing rates. The optimal catch size is around 30 pounds. Cannon Fish imports premium long-line harvested wahoo from Indian and Pacific Ocean fisheries on a daily basis. The mild flavor and delicate texture of this fish distinguish it from other open-ocean migratory species, and it has become increasingly popular among chefs because of its versatility in the kitchen.

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Common Name

  Wahoo, ono

Market Name


Scientific Name

  Acanthocybium solandri


Value Added Products

Portions (skin-on or skinless)

    • Sizes: 2- to 4-oz / 4-oz. / 6-oz. / 8-oz. / 10-oz. / market cuts
    • Pack Types: Vacuum-Packed / Layer-Packed / Bulk IQF
    • Pack Sizes: 10-lb. / 25-lb. / Custom-Packed

Fillets and Fletches (skin-on or skinless)

    • Sizes: 1-lb. / 1- to 3-lb. / 3- to 5-lb. / market cuts
    • Pack Types: Vacuum-Packed / Bulk IQF
    • Pack Sizes: 30-lb. / 50-lb. / Custom-Packed

Sustainability Information


Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 3.5 oz. (raw)
Calories: 167
Fat Calories: 84.24
Total Fat: 9.36 g
Cholesterol: 64 mg
Protein: 19.32 g
Iron: N/A
Sodium: 78 mg
Omega-3: N/A

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